Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Season

Every year between March and June is Birthday Season in the Office of Probation (my department at the State Bar).  My coworkers and I are a festive bunch and we make sure each birthday is celebrated with pageantry, gifts, and of course, lunches.  Yesterday we celebrated my birthday at Wurstküche in the arts district of downtown.

Sausage and Beer, my friends.  Lots of sausage and beer.  Sausage made with every kind of meat you can imagine: buffalo, rattlesnake, rabbit, duck, alligator, etc.  They combine these exotic meats with lots of fun flavor combinations such as mango with jalapeño, apricot with ginger, and sun dried tomato with mozzarella. Wurstküche offers a few vegetarian and vegan sausages as well.

My boss and I each had half of the mango and jalapeno sausage and half of the rabbit, veal and pork sausage seasoned with white wine.  What’s German for muy delicioso?

This was my very last birthday lunch of my very last birthday season.  I savored every bite – not just of the food, but of the conversation, the camaraderie, the familiarity.  As much as I will miss my friends at the Bar, I am chomping at the bit to start the adventure that begins on my last day.
One of the many beautifully graffitied buildings near Wurstküche.


  1. Thanks, Abby! and thanks for reading. :o)