Monday, November 7, 2011

Cheap Chick

I spent Sunday acquiring lots of snazzy - and free - clothes at my friend Abby's Bitch n' Swap. 

In my last post I mentioned that I would do a photo shoot to show off some of the pieces from the swap and I will do so.  Soon.  It might be a week or so because I need to meet up with Stephanie, my friendly neighborhood photographer.  Also, I just did the Jet Rag post and I don't want to saturate this blog with tons of pictures of me, me, me.  I mean, that's what Facebook is for.

Until then, here is a sneak peek.  The t-shirt and bag I wore today to the $2 theater in Pasadena today are from the swap.  $2 movies and $0 clothes. Yes, I am a cheap-ass chick.

{ The t-shirt reads, "Canada: Fits your budget!" }

Although I did not intend to deal with fashion in this blog, it seems like a "cheap chick clothes" series is developing.  At some point in the future I also plan on doing a post about what the kids these days are wearing to rock shows.  "The future" in this instance refers to a distant and fanciful time when I have a camera that doesn't suffer from low-light performance anxiety.

While I'm on the subject of future posts I want to tell you about another series I have just started working on that will be titled: Drunk v. Sober.  (Obviously, the term "working on" should be taken with a grain of margarita salt.)  I will engage in 5 activities - first drunk, then sober - and write about how the experiences differ based on my level of sobriety. 
  1. Walking around the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  2. Running in the morning
  3. Reading
  4. Blogging (oh, boy)
  5. TBD
I am taking suggestions for the fifth activity.  I know commenting here is kind of a pain, but if you want to offer a suggestion just select "anonymous" and then sign your name in the comment.  Or you can write me on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha, I really enjoy looking at art when tipsy. Partly because "truth serum" helps me decide more quickly what art I like or think is crap. Mostly because I feel like I'm doing something really rebellious and that the museum guards would kick me out if they knew I was intoxicated. idk... it's just so quiet in museums.
    Curious about #2- after an all-nighter?
    Anyway, ideas for number 5: shopping or going to Jet Rag sale, cleaning the apartment, calling your parents.
    -Tara Aes