Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Wrong Shapes, The Right People

Before I get back into the Los Angeles music scene, I want to tell you about a little taste of the Boston music scene I had while on my latest trip back east.

In August while at my friend Shirley's wedding,  I was seated at a table with a lovely and - as it turns out - talented couple, Rachel Arnold and Bo Barringer.  Rachel is from California living in Massachusetts.  My husband Dan is from Massachusetts living in California.  When you're at a wedding where you only know a few people, that is enough to get a conversation going.  Am I right or am I right? Right, right, right. (Name that movie.)

Rachel and Bo are musicians who happened to be playing a show in Boston right around the time we were planning on being there for another friend's wedding.  (Oh, the age where everyone you know is either getting married or having a baby.)  October rolled around and we were lucky enough to make it to their show with our friend Dan in tow.

For future reference:
{Husband Dan}

{Friend Dan}

The band, The Wrong Shapes, consists of Rachel playing the cello and Bo playing the guitar and singing.  It was a unique - and considering that there was no percussion - a surprisingly rhythmic show.

Here is a clip of one of their songs that was stuck in my head for days.  (Rachel does some really cool things on the cello that my lame phone mic does not do justice.)

The show was on a Tuesday night that proved to be anything but mundane.  Not only was the music intriguing, the crowd was entertainment all on its own.  One guy was so drunk that he was stumbling around the bar knocking over people and things - including a keyboard while it was being played on stage.  Did I mention that he was 6'5" and 350+ pounds?  He actually rammed into us moments before this picture was taken.  We recovered nicely, no?

{Me, Bo, Rachel, Husband Dan}

Another guy was asleep at the bar  When he woke up he lit a cigarette, which is of course illegal.  Later in the night the lead singer of the band that was on after Rachel and Bo started flailing and tried to jump off the stage, but ended up shattering one of the black lights they had set up and falling flat on his face on the floor in front of the stage.  

Friend Dan didn't miss a beat.  He casually retrieved his phone from his pocket and snapped a picture of the guy face down on the floor.  I was not as quick on my feet.  Maybe that's because I was helping friend Dan celebrate his recent job offer by drinking lots of vodka and beer.  When a friend needs help, I help.

So, there you have it.  A Tuesday night in Boston.  Who knew?

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  1. wish the audio on that clip was listenable!