Friday, November 11, 2011

Well, Alrighty Then.

Wednesday night I grabbed my new friend Amy and went to see a friend of a friend's band at Three of Clubs.  Upon our arrival we were greeted with $4 whiskey specials and this:


Dayna, the aforementioned friend of a friend, is a trumpet player.  I love seeing bands with different instrumentation, so when I got the Facebook invite from her band Alright Alright I decided that it could be an interesting show.  These images on their profile didn't hurt either.         

With an energetic frontman and tight arrangements, they did not disappoint.  Amy and I were treated to a night of hopping, hip-popping, fun music.

I really, really wanted to get up and dance because it was dancing music, but the $4 whiskey failed me.  No one else was dancing and I just don't have that "first on the dance floor" gene.  This round goes to you, self-consciousness. 

{ Amy. And people not dancing. }
 Now, I knew that Dayna is a trumpeteer - or as Alright Alright's Facebook page explains, she is the "blast".  What I didn't know is that she is a triple threat:
{ "Blast" }

{ Keys }

{ Back-up Vocals }
 Oh, wait.  Make that - a quadruple threat.
{ Shaker, baby. }
I'm a sucker for harmonies and redheads.  Alright Alright happens to have two redheads.  The other redhead is A Girl Named Ryan who contributes killer harmonies.  The girl can really sing.  She can rock a mean beat on the tambourine as well.

And a fun night was had by all.

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  1. I want to buy you a fedora with a "Press" pass displayed conspicuously. These musicians need to know that you're mentally blogging them as you watch them.

    I changed my mind; I want to buy you one of those trays that strap around your neck (like the girls at speakeasies who'd cell cigarettes used to wear) so that you can have your laptop dangling in front of you ... so that you can blog their performances realtime!