Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Every Day I'm Shufflin'

For those of you who hate vacation slide shows, look away.  Seeing as I have not written in months, I feel I should update you on where I've been before jumping back into the nitty gritty of the LA life and music scene.  You might be shocked to discover that during my absence, I went on a cross country road trip.  Again.  Ok, you are probably not that shocked. 

September to October. From the west coast to the east coast and back again.

Our first stop was Fallen Leaf Lake (Tahoe) to visit Matt, who is still wearing his flip-flops.

The first night we were there I got drunk and jumped in the lake around midnight. Have you ever been so cold you can barely breathe?  I have.

From Tahoe we booked it across country as fast as we could to make it to our friend Stephanie's wedding on Cape Cod.

It was a lovely affair and the only wedding I have ever attended where there was time for a walk on the beach.

While in New England we visited friends and family.

{This is Meg. You can blame her encouragement for me jumping back into the blogging saddle.  Thanks, Meg!} 

And, seeing as it is fall and I am getting super old, we did some foliage-ogling and leaf-peeping.

{I'm doing all black and white photos in this post, so you'll just have to imagine the beautiful, vibrant, inspiring, and all round life-changing colors.}
After rushing across the country from west to east, it was nice to take our time from east to west.  In addition to our planned stops, we were able to make stops on a whim.  Among those spontaneous stops were the Montpelier Mansion in Maryland...

George Washington's childhood home in Virginia... 

George Washington's sister's home....

And while we were at it, George Washington's mother's home...

Savannah, Georgia. (Savannah was sort of planned in that we were intending to stop there for breakfast, but we ended up staying most of the day ... on a whim.  Therefore, it fits into the spontaneous category.)

The Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana.

Among our more planned stops were Washington DC...
{Air and Space Museum}

{The hat Abraham Lincoln was wearing when he was shot at the American History Museum. Whaaaa?}

St. Augustine, Florida - the oldest city in America...

{This fort is made entirely of seashells.}

I had not been to Florida for about 10 years.  It was so nice to go swimming in warm water for a change. 

That is until my foot was bitten by a small sand shark.  It was just a scratch, but it was enough to keep me out of the water and ready to head west.

After the shark attack (and I am in no way at all using the term in an undeserved sensationalist fashion), we made our way to New Orleans to eat some beignets and tour the Degas House.

After that we had planned on stopping in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, but there were some complications, so we headed straight to Phoenix to visit Dan's brother.  Stopping only at roadside rest areas.

{I am conditioned to obey. And it was the only thing I had with me.}
And now... now we're home. 

I need a nap.

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