Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Talented Friends: Part Two

I haven't written in a few days because I have been out of town for a friend's wedding in Sonoma County.  It was an enchanted affair with music, food, music, friends, music, and more music.  Think: Rachel Getting Married sans the suicidal Anne Hathaway.

This second edition of the "My Talented Friends" series will focus on the bride, the very talented Shirley Hunt.  Shirley is a cellist that plays with such orchestras as Philharmonia Baroque, American Bach Soloists, Berkeley Symphony, Napa Valley Symphony, and her "band" Agave Baroque - just to name a few.

I met Shirley around 5 years ago at a Halloween party that she attended as Frida Kahlo.  (I was unimpressively dressed as a hippie. Yeah, she won that one.)  At the time I happened to be looking for a cellist to join my band.  A friend had suggested that cello would fit perfectly into my dark, melodic style of songwriting.  As luck would have it, Miz Kahlo was willing to bestow her immense talents on my little project.

Shirley was nothing short of a miracle.  Her natural ear for filling pockets with beautiful and haunting sound was a priceless addition to my songs.  Nothing can last forever, however, and I lost her to San Francisco.  Although saddened by her departure, I could not deny that Northern California and Shirley's then boyfriend Aaron Westman, violist extraordinaire, were treating her well.  I was not surprised when the word came that she and Aaron were tying the knot.

{ We are standing on steps. If you switched Aaron and Shirley's positions, you'd have it a little closer to reality. }
The wedding reflected Shirley and Aaron perfectly in that it was filled with music.  Several pieces were played during the ceremony and then after cocktail hour we were treated to a concert performed by - to use wine country vernacular - varietals of their musician friends.

{ A baroque piece... I think. }

{ Covering The Magnetic Fields' The Book of Love. Brilliant. }
Understandably, neither Shirley nor Aaron performed.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Agave Baroque will soon bring them back to LA for a show or two.  Until then, reminiscing and Youtubing will have to suffice.  Click here to see Shirley playing a solo piece.  Click here to see Shirley and Aaron playing together in Agave Baroque.

{ All you need is love... and music. }

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