Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kittens and Dragonflies

Mom, close your eyes for this one.  Last night Dan and I went to a “Miss Kitty’s” party thrown by the Boulet Brothers at the Dragonfly.  The Dragonfly is a local club that’s been around for ages.  About every month or so the Boulet Brothers transform it into a fun and freaky carnival of sorts, otherwise known as Miss Kitty’s.

Besides being some of the best people watching in LA, Miss Kitty’s is a place to have an all-round shocking good time.  The entertainment goes way beyond that of a normal club night.  For instance, they perform little skits on the stage.  One of the skits at the very first Miss Kitty’s I attended was a knife fight between two girls with fake blood and everything.  I was like, “Where the heck am I?”  I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I did not stumble into your average Hollywood party. 

They also set up little amusements around the club like games, body painting, and photo areas with props.

You are guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before while having a blast drinking, dancing, and watching the show.  And by show I mean what is happening on stage as well as the costumes and characters in attendance.

Ok, Mom.  You can open your eyes now.

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