Friday, August 26, 2011

I Heart Street Art

Welcome to the third edition of I Y Fridays! I thought about titling this post "I Heart Graffiti."  I didn't because I don't.  Well, I don't Y all graffiti.  The gang tag on a couch that someone left on the curb outside my apartment - I don't that.  However, there are a lot of talented graffiti artists out there that really do produce some great public art.

Dan and I drove around the city yesterday to take some photos of our favorite street art.    Or rather, Dan drove me around and waited in our illegally parked car while I jumped out to snap some shots.  We didn't start until 4pm, so the traffic and the setting sun were not in our favor.

Two disclaimers: 1) The photos below represent only a small fraction of the beautiful and thought-provoking street art throughout LA.  2) Although I love street art, I am hardly an authority, so I don't have artist information for all of the photos.  Sorry.

This is the Skee.TV headquarters building which is about a half block from my apartment.

{ by Aaron Axelrod }
 I saw the work below for the first time today.  It made me think of my Inspiration vs. Imitation post.  Here again is the Campbell's soup can.  I like the treatment, though.  It's fun!

{ by Mr. Brainwash }

Apparently the work below resulted from Perez Hilton posting a photo on his gossip blog of a piece by Common Cent$, but attributing it to Bansky. Of course, this is just a rumor, but any rumor that implies Perez Hilton doesn't know what he's talking about is a rumor I am inclined to believe.

{ by Common Cent$... not Bansky. }
 I actually have a Bansky piece in my bathroom.  Well, not an original.  Obviously.  I bought it at Melrose Trading Post from a guy who takes photographs of street art, prints the photos on canvas, then applies the canvas to pieces of wood.  I think Bansky made a great addition to my growing "Potty Art" collection.  Get it?

I'm not sure who did the piece below, but it is around the corner from the Common Cent$ wall.

This is my favorite (at the moment):

{ by CYRCLE }

Although that is my favorite individual piece - largely because of the message - my favorite collection of work is by the creator of the this:

{ by JR }
There are several gripping works like these around the city right now.  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough daylight yesterday to capture all of them.  According to LA Weekly they are part of a series titled "The Wrinkles of the City."  I am in love.

This is from the ever-changing wall of the American Hotel in the LA Arts District.  I think he wants a tummy rub.

Speaking of ever-changing, one of my favorite pieces in the LA Arts district is now gone.  This...
{ taken in May }
 is now this...
{ taken yesterday }
 I was sad when I saw that Mr. Mona was gone, but I suppose the revolving door of street art is what makes it so special.  I will stop there.  I could pontificate about how nothing lasts forever, beauty is fleeting, and so on, but I will stop there.  You're welcome.


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