Monday, August 15, 2011

Brenna, Brenna, Bo-Benna

Last night I went with a couple friends...
{ Say hello to Debbie and Stephanie. }

... to see Brenna Whitaker and her Little Big Band perform at the W Hotel.  She has been performing in "The Living Room" at the W every Sunday for the past 9 months.  Cozy though it may sound, The Living Room is actually a huge space connected to the lobby of the hotel.  Every Sunday night Brenna packs the place - mostly with Hollywood hotties.  The W is within walking distance (in heels) from my apartment, so it's an easy Sunday night with a huge payoff.

What can I say about B-Dub?  She is the perfect marriage of insane talent and vibrant charisma.  This girl has a huge and versatile voice that is spell-bounding live.  A quirky blonde cutie, I find it hard to take my eyes off her while she is performing.   During her second set she usually has some guests perform.  Past guests: Michael Buble and Stevie Wonder.  Holy cow, right?!  I haven’t been there for any big names, but the guests are always high caliber talent and she shares the stage graciously (even during uncomfortable moments when a military widow jumps up on stage and does a stripper-esque dance for her late husband).  Still, I find myself wishing their songs to be over so Brenna will get back on stage.

Last night her guests happened to be a trio of burlesque dancers. A delightful surprise.  I think they were called the Brookettes or Brooklyn's Burlesque?  I did a little research this morning and was unable to come up with anything.

Despite the fact that the first time I met her was a long time ago in the bathroom of a tiny club where she was performing in downtown LA, I am now star struck.  I have wanted to get a picture with her - as any groupie would - but even though she has walked right by me several times, I haven’t been able to work up the nerve to ask.  Stay tuned.
While you wait on pins and needles for me to work up some courage, you can check out Brenna's music here.


  1. Hi CJinLA! Thanks for this post - I just tweeted it out (@OwnHollywood) as yesterday one of our fabulous facebook friends shared it on our wall (on the Own Hollywood | The Residences at W Hollywood Page)
    We'll keep following your posts about life in LA! (Hope you don't mind if we share them!;)

    Stefanie Hostetter
    Tweeting and Facebooking for
    The Residences at W Hollywood

  2. Hi, Stef! Of course I don't mind! Thank you. :o)

  3. Pretty sure this is the same Brenna that is from Kansas City and dated one of my friends. Haven't seen her perform out here. Curious.

  4. She is from Kansas! You should come with me to see her show sometime. It's a lot of fun.