Friday, August 5, 2011

Theme Night

An idea popped into my head while I was roaming around the grounds of the Huntington Library yesterday thinking about how much I love being there.  The Huntington Library is a beautiful and serene haven with acres of gardens, art galleries, and a library with ancient and rare books.  
(I usually don't bring my camera because when I am there I like to relax and experience everything in the moment, but yesterday I snapped a few shots.  I am a blogger now after all.)

I first visited the Huntington on an Easter Sunday a few months after I moved to LA.  Those first few months were hard.  Very hard.  I absolutely hated living here.   To this girl from Maine the streets were dirty; the people were mean; and everything was way too expensive.  The Huntington Library was an oasis discovery.  I felt as if I had stepped out of Mordor and into the Shire.  Ahem… sorry.  The Huntington has been a favorite – if not the favorite – local destination ever since.

The idea?  I YFridays.  Or more appropriately, I Y blank Fridays. When I “discover” some fantastic experience I have a compulsion to share it with as many people as I can.  I suppose Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, would call me a maven.  So, every Friday here in For Tomorrow We Die, I will feature a thing, place, person, or idea (also known as a noun) that I Y.

I YFridays will not feature exclusively LA-specific  people, places, things, or ideas; however, I’m sure many of the posts will.  For those of you living in LA, maybe I YFridays will give you some ideas for new things to try.  For those of you not living in LA, maybe it will give you some reasons to come visit me!  I happen to be a born tour guide.  It goes along with the whole maven thing.
{ I Y The Huntington. }

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  1. I love that curving walkway with the grass growing in between the stones... and that last picture... sigh. What a perfect place to relax and breathe and... just be. <3