Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Talented Friends: Part One

During my time in LA I have met a lot of talented people and have been lucky enough to become friends with a few of them. 
I met Patrick (also known as “Oh, That Patrick” or “Skinny P”) about 5 years ago when he arrived as a drummer in shining armor at my hour of need. I have to be honest; I don’t really remember much about the first months of our friendship because they were filled mostly with stressful rehearsals and anxiety-ridden shows.  Despite all, we became and remain friends.

{ Patrick playing last night at his Birthday Bash }

So, how talented is Skinny P?  Very.  And why does he deserve the prestigious honor of being the very first friend featured in the My Talented Friends series?  Because today is his birthday. OK, and maybe because he turned out to be a super musician who can write, sing, and play any instrument he touches. 
I was not privy to the extent of Patrick’s musical prowess until a former girlfriend of his came to one of our shows at The Pig’N Whistle in Hollywood.  She bitched me out (literally) for relegating such an amazing pianist and guitarist to the drums.  I slowly backed away and tried to explain that I didn’t know!  Soon after that episode I moved Patrick to the guitar and found Christopher, an exceptional drummer, to replace him.  (You can expect to see Christopher in an upcoming My Talented Friends post.)
Although Patrick still plays with me occasionally, he has his own project called Skinny P and the _______.  
{Skinny P and the Huh? }

It was once Skinny P and the Destroyers, but I have been informed that the name will change with every show.  At yesterday's show they were Skinny P and the Birthday Bash.  I’m sure that won’t get confusing at all.

Abby, Patrick's wife, is in the band too.  Like Patrick, she is talented... just prettier.

Patrick’s music very much reflects his personality: cerebral, candid, playful, clever, and just a little rambunctious.  A former SAT tutor and current LSAT tutor, he writes songs titled "Serpentine Machinations", "Shitty Philanthropist", and "Reductionism", yet manages to keep them light and unpretentious.  You can check out some of his work here and here.  Everything you will hear is written and performed by Patrick himself.  And I mean everything - all instruments included.
Happy birthday, Patrick.  You rock.


  1. Your blog has gotten too commercial for me. I'm over it. Nice try, though.

    (but seriously, thanks)

  2. Well I personally am loving the blog! Thanks for the shout-out.