Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Talented Friends: Part Three

Welcome to part three of the "My Talented Friends" series! Today I will tell you about Rachel Lynn Sebastian.  You may remember Rachel from my Starry, Starry Night post.

Rachel is my opposite in almost every way.  She is upbeat and optimistic.  My nickname is Worst-Case-Scenario Girl.  Rachel is a focused and driven musician who works seemingly unabated toward her goals.  I gave up on music after a couple bookers were mean to me.  She is spiritual.  I cringe at the word "hallelujah."  She is open.  I am certified in masonry (the wall-building type, not the Grand Lodge type).

Perhaps because she is so opposite, I am very grateful to know her.  I learn something from Rachel every time I see her.  And I love it.  Her joie de vivre is nothing short of inspiring.

Sunday night Dan and I went to see Rachel perform at the Room 5 Lounge.

The intimate atmosphere was a perfect setting for her engaging style.  She performed with transparency and unrestrained emotion to the packed room - even inviting us to sing along - which of course made me very uncomfortable.  Someone is reaching out to me?  Avoid!  Protect! 

Now, Rachel is not all bubbles and sunshine.  She performed her song 'Don't Touch Me' with fierceness and even anger, but she seems to have mastered the art of channeling life's kicks into song and weeding the effects of those kicks out of everyday life.  

As Rachel mentioned in the above video, she wrote that song in Korea.  And speaking of Korea, here is a video of Rachel rocking a cover while there. I have watched it about 10 times already.  This girl  embodies a daring charisma on stage that I can only dream of harnessing. 

You can check out more of her music here.  Rachel also teaches voice and performance.  If you are interested, check our her website here.

So, here's hoping that some of Rachel will rub off on me.  Cheers.

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