Thursday, August 18, 2011

Satellites In Space(land)

Club Spaceland.  Every music fan in LA has heard of it.  Most have loved it.  Club Spaceland was a music venue in Silver Lake that offered stellar (ahem) bands nightly.  It was one of the few clubs in LA that you could walk into any night of the week and be guaranteed to see some great music.  The bookers at Spaceland appeared more concerned with the quality of the music than the number of fans the band could get through the door.  Of course, as a result there were always plenty of fans streaming steadily through the aforementioned door.

My favorite Spaceland element (ahem again) was the free Monday Night Residency series, during which the club would feature a band who would perform (with several other bands) every Monday night for a month.

In February of this year, I heard a rumor that Club Spaceland was no more. The venue owner and concert promoter had parted ways amicably. (I heard about it a little too late to see Foo Fighters play the farewell show. Damn!)  After hearing this sad news I thought to myself, "Whatever am I to do with the endless Monday nights ahead of me now??"

I was told that the venue was staying open under a different name, The Satellite and that everything should be the same except, you know, better.  Still, I was certain that it could never be the same.  So certain that I avoided the place altogether until last Monday night.  (Full disclosure: this avoidance was aided by my being out town for a couple of months.)  After many Monday nights filled with fretting, I was relieved to discover that, from my vantage point at least, everything is indeed the same! 

The disco Saturn is still spinning…

The PBR is still flowing…

And above all, the beloved free Monday Night Residency series is still intact. This month Stone Darling is featured.  They are a mostly-girl band with an easy-going, melodic sound.  If you want to hear perfectly pitched female voices meeting in tight harmony, Stone Darling is the way to go.  Right now I’m loving the dark, southern vibe of the track Angeline.

If you have a chance, check out their Facebook page here.  Give them a "Like" and check out the story behind the formation of the band under the Info tab.  Trust me.


  1. This sounds like a really great place Cindy! Have you ever played there?

  2. Hey, Leanne! Sorry, I've been out of town. No, I haven't played there yet. It's a little too big for my current following. Soon, though!

  3. Thank's for your sweet comment ! Looks like you had great fun ! Keep checking out :