Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am currently channeling Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground and peeking out from under the covers to complain.  Notes from Under the Covers?

Before I start the bitching and moaning, let me explain. I'm sort of a wimp.  Scary movies... scare me.  After seeing the made for TV version of The Shining I had nightmares for something like 6 months. And that was only the made for TV version.  Horror movies are obviously out, but I also avoid graphically violent movies such as No Country for Old Men or Kill Bill.  I even had to close my eyes during certain parts of Team America: World Police.  Puppet blood!

Despite my efforts to avoid images that will end up haunting my dreams, I now find myself unable to do so thanks to a digital billboard just outside my bedroom and loft windows that changes ads about every 10 seconds.  The ads have been fairly harmless so far - Dodgers, Vegas - that sort of thing. 

Last week things got a little more troublesome.

Now, I know you will probably laugh at me for this one, but waking up from a disturbing dream, rolling over and glancing out my window to find this looking back at me is unsettling. 

I know it's only a model with some face make-up in a Tequila ad, but when viewed unexpectedly and in a groggy haze, it's unnerving!  And this is only August.  What's it going to be like in October?  Dear god, can someone please tell me what it is going to be like in October?!? 

I am going back under the covers.  Let me know when it's Thanksgiving, will you?


  1. I don't understand why anyone enjoys being scared. I'm a chicken and I'm ok with that. I think I know the solution to your problem though. 2 words. Lined Curtains. ;)

  2. I'm working on it!